About Journal

Nowadays, industry and its related services are one of the main driving forces of progress. Industrial progress requires certain mechanisms and regulations. To acquire competitive power in global markets, the pursuit of this path for each country is inevitable. The extent, direction, and type of laws and regulations can make it easy or impossible to move in the direction of industrial development. The origin of these laws and regulations may be internal or external. In this regard, for example, domestic or foreign laws regarding the protection of property rights, research and development, etc. can be named. One of the requirements of Iran’s economy these days is to explain, recognize, and apply these laws and regulations optimally over time. The formation of competition council in Iran dates back to over a decade ago. The establishment of this body has been a practical step in  regulating. Moreover, this council is aimed at eliminating monopolies and promoting transparency in Iranian economy.

In this respect, the establishment of the journal of Iranian Industrial Economics Studies is a constructive step to address the existing gaps in research and knowledge dissemination  on the behavior of firms, market structure, and firm performance in Iran. The journal strives to create an appropriate platform for the publication of scientific research on important issues concerning industrial economics. The principal goal of the journal is to expand industry analysis and support quality improvement in scholarly research in this field.

We hope that this journal will play a pivotal role in materializing the General Policies of The Industrial Sector and the Industrial Development Strategy Document of Iran as well as realizing the goals of the Resistance Economy.

The journal is published both in print and in online versions under the auspices and sponsorship of Urmia University.