Peer Review Process





The editing and reviewing bodies of the journal consider the following points in making the final decision on the submissions: The manuscript enjoys proper structure, the necessary details for readers to fully understand the authors' analysis, novelty, up-to-date references, replicability, clear and sufficient description of theories, concepts, experimental design, statistical analyses, or conclusions, as well as standard academic writing style in English.

When revising your manuscript and responding to peer review comments,

  • Address all points raised by the editor and reviewers and highlight them in the revised version
  • Describe the revisions to your manuscript in your response letter
  • Perform any additional experiments or analyses the reviewers have recommended
  • Provide a scientific rebuttal to any points or comments you disagree with
  • Differentiate between reviewer comments and your responses in your letter
  • Resubmit the revised manuscript and response letter within the specified time